Benefits of our Building Solutions

Faster to construct
We are able to build houses 70% quicker than traditional brick and mortal. It takes 1 day to assemble a house on site and 16 to 20 days to finish a house.

Large scale & robust construction

Factory based production permits to scale up production. Our factories can produce upto 25 houses per day.

Energy efficient houses

Timber frame houses are highly energy efficient. Insulate walls result in huge savings in energy and cheaper electricity bill.

High quality, consistent & less snags

The houses are built with precision engineering combined with computer aided design and manufacturing systems ensuring quality standards and consistency.

Environmentally friendly
We source our timber from companies that harvest their forests in an environmentally sustainable way. For every tree cut down two new trees are planted.

Cleaner building site & construction
The construction site is more eco friendly as most of the construction takes place in our factory. The result is less waste and a cleaner building site.


Due to the organic breathable nature of wood timber frame houses are healthier than normal houses and do not suffer from damp and humidity.

Acoustic & thermal insulation
The use of insulation in the wall, floor box and roof elements significantly improves the acoustical performance. EBS houses are warm in winter and cool in summer.

Design & construction flexibility

EBS timber frame provides the structure for the roofs and walls but the building can be clad with different finishings on the outer wall.


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